I have lived in Seattle for over 20 years and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. My interests include international travel, golf, skiing, hiking, reading, and working out. This is a beautiful area of the world and it is a privilege to work here and it is also a privilege to have you entrust me to make your real estate experience a positive one. I know that I have done an exemplary job if one day you refer my services to your friends and family.


What Makes Me Different Than Other Real Estate Professionals?

-My marketing and technological background bring a high-tech edge to the table that many of my colleagues simply don’t possess.
-I will not take on so many listings that you don’t remain a top priority for me.
-A wish to have a lifelong relationship with you and that you’ll consider my services for your future real estate interests.


A keen understanding of the Seattle commercial and residential real estate market.

My Services

I bring to you a lifetime of working in commercial and residential real estate starting with my father who was an architect and introduced me to good design and my mother a real estate entrepreneur who taught me a lot about real estate investments. I also have extensive knowledge and experience in customer service and will make you my top priority. My greatest hope is that your transaction successfully closes, whether it is buying or selling, and that you walk away satisfied knowing that the experience was a positive one.

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